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Well, the adapter arrived (nice and prompt). It is recognised straight away by Windows 8 and appears in the Game Controllers section of the control panel. Plugging my Amiga Zipstick in, the joystick is picked up as the POV hat in the control panel applet.

I haven't tried it in WinUAE yet but it works OK in Mame. Control is responsive, and the autofire switch works too.

Two potential issues:
The pins of the 9 pin ports are cut off quite roughly. While my Zipstick plugs in OK, my Megadrive pad won't - the holes in its ports seem much narrower. Looks like I will need to file down the pins on the adapter to round them off. This is a bit annoying since the build quality is otherwise good.

In Mame at least, pressing the fire button on the joystick seems to trigger button 1 AND button 2 at the same time. I can see this being very annoying in games where you can't remap the joystick buttons. I guess I need to get the Megadrive pad connected to see what happens with the buttons there.
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