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Yeah I agree. The Megadrive was great but game design was often deeper and more engaging on SNES. There are some deeper Megadrive games but SNES had the upper hand.

The only shmup I can think of off hand that got around the slow CPU problem was Super Aleste. They must have pulled off some seriously genius programming to make that game. Oh and there was Parodius too, that didn't have much slow down. But the majority of SNES shmups did crawl at times.

Ah Super Aleste. Really good game indeed and the best shmup on the system. COMPILE were gods at the time. Great work msx and NES and M.U.S.H.a on the Megadrive was great fun too.

Anyway back on topic.. As many has said the Japanese just were better at designing platform games at the time. Only in recent years with the titles like Retro's two Donkey Kong Country Returns games and maybe Super Meat Boy do I feel like American/European developers have managed to make something that stands toe to toe with the best Japanese platformers from purely game mechanics and level design perspective.

the one button joysticks on Amiga certainly didn't help either. There were some Amiga platformer I enjoyed but the reason its my favourite hardware platform lie on completely different types of games.
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