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Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
SNES also had its limitations when it came to action games. Nintendo went with a relatively slow processor which resulted in games like Megaman X or R-Type having loads of slowdown when there was a lot of stuff going on in the screen. That's the one advantage Genesis/Megadrivre had over the SNES and resulted in way better shmups such as Thunderforce. Though honestly I always preferred SNES to Genesis.. Nintendo always had the upper hand when it came to game design over SEGa Imo.
Yeah I agree. The Megadrive was great but game design was often deeper and more engaging on SNES. There are some deeper Megadrive games but SNES had the upper hand.

The only shmup I can think of off hand that got around the slow CPU problem was Super Aleste. They must have pulled off some seriously genius programming to make that game. Oh and there was Parodius too, that didn't have much slow down. But the majority of SNES shmups did crawl at times.
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