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The Amiga's handicap was a one button joystick which had become standard for games across C64 and Amiga. So games with more depth tended to favour the keyboard and mouse approach. This gave the Amiga strength in certain types of games but not others.

It depends on taste as well. I don't enjoy CRPGs like Eye of the Beholder. I'd rather play a JRPG any day. Strategy games I'm the same. Tactics Ogre is more enjoyable than any Amiga strategy game.

That's inaccurate. Given I can spend hours on the SNES and not touch a side-scroller or beat-em up quite easily. Both SNES and MD have incredibly varied libraries. Platformers dominate, sure, but not quite as heavily as you say.
Fair enough. It's true that there is alot more to the SNES library than platformers. At the time it was hard to appreciate things like the admittedly brilliant JRPG library, Thracia 776 or Tactics Ogre because most as those were never released here in Europe at the time.
So many great games just stayed in Japan or USA. Fortunately now its a lot to get to play those games and enjoy some of the hidden gems in the library.

I still find Amiga to be way ahead when it comes to strategy games over the SNES. Civilization, Dune 2, Populous etc and even doubly so when it comes to simulation games.
Amiga also had really interesting games such as Heros Quest/Quest for Glory.. A game that combined adventure games and RPGs in a unique and genious ways. Granted it wasn't really an Amiga game in the sense that it was a pretty straight port from PC and was identical graphically to Atari ST and the PC EGA version but its the kind of game that would have been nearly impossible to do on a console due to limitations of just having a controller with a few buttons.

SNES also had its limitations when it came to action games. Nintendo went with a relatively slow processor which resulted in games like Megaman X or R-Type having loads of slowdown when there was a lot of stuff going on in the screen. That's the one advantage Genesis/Megadrivre had over the SNES and resulted in way better shmups such as Thunderforce. Though honestly I always preferred SNES to Genesis.. Nintendo always had the upper hand when it came to game design over SEGa Imo.
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