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all parts can be bought new if you look in the right place.

I can desolder/resolder anything on a PCB with absolute precision including BGA. Just get the parts from non working motherboard(s). I am sure there are a few user(s) that have non working motherboard(s)

I am not just talking about the external floppy, it's everything including new features. If it cost to much for components, put as many features in as possible, but just sell the basic working motherboard. End user can add the missing components later or it will create jobs for AMIGAKIT upgraded motherboard.

Another useful feature is the video output. This second connector will be for video input. This will allow AGA/GFX or any second video card to output from one single video output connector.

There's also S/PDIF audio which will be useful, if this could be added. I think it's there on the prelude sound card, but it's not connected, will have to check again as I could be wrong.

S/PDIF will also be useful. My 2.1 PC speakers has this not to common input.

150 pin trapdoor connector, this would also be useful.

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