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Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
If you're mostly an action gamer then the consoles are probably better for you but to me Amiga had an infinitely more interesting games.
The Amiga's handicap was a one button joystick which had become standard for games across C64 and Amiga. So games with more depth tended to favour the keyboard and mouse approach. This gave the Amiga strength in certain types of games but not others.

It depends on taste as well. I don't enjoy CRPGs like Eye of the Beholder. I'd rather play a JRPG any day. Strategy games I'm the same. Tactics Ogre is more enjoyable than any Amiga strategy game.

I do have a soft spot for some JRPGs like Chrono Trigger but for the most part it was just endless stream of sidescrollers on the consoles.
That's inaccurate. Given I can spend hours on the SNES and not touch a side-scroller or beat-em up quite easily. Both SNES and MD have incredibly varied libraries. Platformers dominate, sure, but not quite as heavily as you say.
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