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Basically what the Japanese excelled in at the time was action games such as platformers and side scrolling beat em ups etc.. The consoles were stronger in these genres than the Amiga overall.

But still.. Having owned an Amiga, Megadrive and SNES in the early 90s I would have to go with the Amiga having a superior gaming library overall.
Take strategy games for example.. There were a few decent Japanese strategy games such as some of the old Koei games or Fire Emblem but nothing that could match the depth, balance or elegance of Civilization for example. The flight games on consoles were always oversimplified, shallow and arcadey things.. Basically like baby versions of the flight Sims you had on the computers. Japanese adventure/visual novel games never matched the best of western adventure games either when it comes to storytelling or especially puzzle design.. The few adventure gems that were ported to consoles didn't work all that well either, Monkey Island was a far more enjoyable experience on Amiga than Mega CD.
Then there stuff like Hunter, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder etc..

If you're mostly an action gamer then the consoles are probably better for you but to me Amiga had an infinitely more interesting games. I do have a soft spot for some JRPGs like Chrono Trigger but for the most part it was just endless stream of sidescrollers on the consoles.
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