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My secondary school had BBC Micros & Archimedes. We found a 'Doomsdays Project' BBC in the library. Powered it on and had a play. At some point it mentioned about swapping/flipping the disc. We pressed a button and this massive drawer opened with a huge shiny disc appearing - we ran off!

Although when I was younger and attended summer school there, they had a room of rubber key ZX Spectrums. A week of playing Commando & Manic Miner = bliss.

I was in the lower 'Band' at secondary school. So had to use the BBC Micros instead of Archimedes. Ever tried Desktop Publishing on a BBC? It was very frustrating using such primative computers at school when my AMIGA was at home.
Basically I did my GCSE project work at home on my AMIGA with a digitizer & colour dot matrix. It was great fun and no hardship in having to do this work at home after school. I loved scanning in pictures with Vidi-Amiga and tweeking the pics using Deluxe Paint. Can't remember what I used to combine the text and pics, Final Writer/Wordsworth?

Primary school had one BBC Micro and we had a Turtle. I remember playing with it when most of the other kids were outside doing their Cycling Proficiency. Good fun finding the 'hoot' command and driving the Turtle around. I also remember playing 'Castle Quest' and a 2-player plane game.

Simple times...
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