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The most stupid newbie question ever (probably)

Hi all,

Firstly, I was a major CBM gamer fan - started with a C64 and cassette, added the external FDD, then transitioned onto an A500. Got seduced by PCs eventually and sold the much loved A500 plus games. Now in an effort to reclaim my lost youth, I've got my hands on an A500, an A500+ (both expanded by 512K) and an A600, plus a fair few of the games I loved back in the day.

(I *could* tell the story where I was directly involved in a bid being made for Commodore just before they were going under, but I'll leave that for now).

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, I got myself a Gotek, pre-flashed with the latest Cortex firmware, plus a neat little dongle from KMTech, allowing me to access it as df:1 (and not having to butcher my Amiga case).

Here's the idiot question - and I'll understand if you all yell "RTFM" (I have tried and it's really not clear at all). Bear in mind, although I loved (and still love) my Amiga, I never bothered learning my way around Workbench. So... on booting WB 1.3 and with the Gotek merrily attached to the FDD external port, I can see the Cortex Floppy Emu icon. So I double click on it and the Cortex window opens... with nothing apparently in it. Okay so I can access the Gotek via the CLI (thank God I remember MS-DOS) and load SELECTOR.adf from there - but it strikes me that, if only I had a clue what I was doing, I could make an icon within the Cortex window to access SELECTOR.adf via mouse from within WB 1.3. Oh and yes, I know that with my A500+ and A600, I can force boot directly from df:1 via the both mouse buttons held down thing, but I prefer my A500.

I'd really appreciate some idiot-proof, patient and step-by-step instructions on how to do this no doubt blindingly simple thing. Please be gentle with me!
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