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060 4000D and 486 Project with some pr0ntastic photos now its completed :D

I have been putting this together over the last few months so thought I would share some pr0n pics now its finally complete and not raining so I can get a few daylight pics.... I'm really chuffed with the machine now its done

So for the base unit I spent a good four months or so hunting for an absolutely mint boxed machine and finally found this one, it was a long old drive to pick it up but worth it, still sealed with all the spares still in their little bags (yes, even the keyboard locking keys!) and the battery was still installed but miraculously intact with no leaks and running perfectly.


First job was motherboard recap and sourcing a new case front as it had gone beyond yellow... to that sort of dark baby poo yellow that even Retrobrite can not save. Thankful a fellow Amibayer Voyagaer1971 in Australia sorted me out with a much less yellowed version which has retrobrited perfect white after a single 60 minute treatment :-)

I have a Commodore 2386SX bridgeboard in an A3000 so fancied something different in this one. Fellow Amibayer and all round splendid chap BlindGerman hooked me up with a very nice Golden Gate 486SLC and compatible VGA card. It was a pain in the back box to get working but after two days of trial and error and a 4 hour Skype chat with a friend in Denmark we tracked it down to a dodgy 32mb SIMM on the Cybervision that it didnt like and all has been good since swapping it, as you can see below!

I also wanted to put a very original looking machine together so for authenticities sake drove to Coventry to pick up a beautiful Commodore 1942 multi-sync monitor. I will run it daily with a 17" Sony Trinitron but keep the 1942 hooked up to RGB out should I feel the need for some classic OCS/ECS stuff that the Indivison cant quite scroll smoothly.

The finished machine


So the spec is:
  • Cyberstorm Mk1 060 @57mhz = 128MB RAM
  • Cybervision 64/3D 4MB
  • Indivision AGA 4000D CDMKII
  • Vortex Golden Gate 486 SLC with 16MB, 256MB Disk On Module and Co Processor
  • 1MB VGA Card
  • Tandem IDE Controller
  • 2 x 16GB PFS Compact Flash Drives (One to the Tandem, one to the internal IDE)
  • Silent fan in the PSU
  • Gotek Floppy USB drive
  • New HD Floppy from Amikit
  • External GVP G-Lock

Well, enough waffle.... on with the pr0n




First up, install the Indivision and Tandem


Then the Cybervision 64/3D


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