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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
I do really struggle with 3D games. If a game looks like a movie I think I'd rather watch a movie and get the benefit of a decent script, professional actors and a conclusion that arrives in two hours rather than two months (assuming I'm not useless at it!).
I'd say that depends on the game tbh.

There are no doubt some games where I've thought "why am i even playing this"...

E.g Yesterday it was Lifeline on the PS2 after spending an hour shouting at the woman through the mic like a lunatic and having her run in circles, leave the room, down healing potions unnecessarily and pretty much do everything else than what i was asking, i turned it off.

I've since checked online so i might give her another chance with more pronounced pronunciation. Before i fully walk away.

But there's others that i've happily played through multiple times...and that's covering games of all ages and genre's.
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