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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Nice one! I loved the first game, as you know. I will massively look forward to the second instalment.

Just to clarify: when I pre-order, do I get charged for that instantly, or will that only happen on the 15th September?
Just pre-order if you like and it will happen on the 15th.
But if we´ll reach the goal earlier the email will be sent earlier, too.

Originally Posted by meckert View Post
Patrick: find an asm coder, or even a good Amos programmer, and make a proper action-rpg with the same gfx and msx. Backbone is so limited.... I bought TOG and it's just a shame, that good gfx and soundtrack are wasted by using such slow and limited game maker. You need a proper engine for this game.
Thanks for your purchase.

The engine is faster now.

I know Backbone´s limitations, but I and the majority of Amigans think it is a good game.
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