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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Nope - trust me - they have no background
You seem to be disagreeing with me but i'm not sure exactly what i said that you are disagreeing with.

Worse - we as a customers accepting this as unavoidable cost of progress... there is general acceptance for low quality code... soon this will be low quality of everything - services, health care etc...
There is already low quality of everything. Furniture from IKEA that drops to bits, in fact it is killing children because it falls over on them so they give you a bracket to screw it to the wall. I wish this were a joke. I don't want to have to screw my furniture to the wall, that's insane.

Clothes as well, a few wears and it's good for nothing, the stitching is coming out after day 1. We have quantity over quality consumerism.

I agree but this is area where selecting algorithm better suited to do work or changing architecture that speedup everything must be done - you can't ignore physics and believe that compiler in some magical way will clean this mess.
Absolutely... i also see a lot of "cargo cult programming", someone learnt that a particular design pattern or strategy is good and so they just do it for no reason.

Nope... there is more than this... but this is another topic - still technology suffer from some limitations that make some things impractical...
There is more than that, i'm sure... why a phone needs a quad core CPU i don't know... but i do know that my old Nokia had a monochrome screen that i could read just in ambient light, it didn't even need a backlight during the daytime, unlike the modern phone which you can't even see if it is too bright outside.

All of the emphasis is on the superficial. But there exist low-power screen technologies, like E-ink. I would buy a phone with some kind of E-ink screen, if i were to buy a phone. Battery life is probably the thing i would care about the most. But i suppose, it is not something you can really show off to people.
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