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Hello All

Long time off and on Amiga owner/user. I grew up with the Commodore 64, then graduated to the Amiga 500 - still have a lot of fond memories as I'm sure many of you here do. Spent many a summer playing marathons of the Bard's Tale, AD&D, and Might & Magic series; playing Defender of the Crown and Three Stooges; dorking around with DMCS; and trying to beat my brother at Summer Games.

Anyway, I got rid of all my Amiga stuff (my A500 finally died) and largely forgot about it FFWD a few years and I bought a brand new A500...wound up selling that...FFWD 10 years bought an A500 on Ebay with a ton of games, then sold it a year later...FFWD ~8 more years and I now own a A500, A600, and A1200. I guess it's like the one ever really leaves (I still have a C64 with 3 1541 drives and a 1084S, too.) I don't have time to play with all this hardware anymore, but when I do, the nostalgia definitely hooks me for a bit.
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