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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Only the cloud is new. The others are just more wide spread.
Hate to say it but the "Cloud" is a "new" twist on the old "off site back-up" speial they have been touting for years. It also brings back main frames and dumb terminals. Since day one, no company wanted anyone to actually have a hard drive, God forbid YOU store something in your computer... But I am OT.

You also have to remember that no big company actually designs and builds computers these days. They assemble parts and sell them for as big as a profit margin they can get away with. Even Apple MIGHT design a case for there stuff, but they are going to intel and getting the cheapest deal they can on off the shelf processors, Motherboards and now GPU's.

The Unfortunate truth is the Amiga could never be built in this day and age. To expensive and risk for any company to innovate- unless they are building very small numbers or if you have a cheap build unit like the pie. Just do a search- Companies tried to bring out project boards like the Pie and failed miserly because the corporate mentality, dictated that these devices should have a $50-$100 price point in order to be profitable. They could not believe that the pie will always sell because of the low price point. (both ASUS and MSI tried and failed)
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