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Interesting item from Micro Mart magazine

In the latest copy of Micro Mart magazine (July 2015 edition) I spotted this comment included in an article entitled "Where Now For Windows 7? (& why Windows XP is still hanging on)"

"There were software compatibility issues, and many could not figure why they should upgrade where the existing system worked fine. As if to underline that kind of thinking - and to show that it's not entirely Luddite but does have sensible origins - a 30-year- old Commodore Amiga was found to be controlling the air conditioning and heating of 19 schools in the Grand Rapids School district of Michigan. The programmer worked on the system as a teenager but lives nearby and is on hand to fix any problems. To upgrade to a newer OS and computer could cost as much as $2 million, so the decision has been made to keep things ticking over until it becomes absolutely vital to make the meve, Many companies and individuals will think the same when it comes to Windows 7 (and indeed Windows XP)."
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