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Originally Posted by Bugala View Post

Problem with all these answers is that you specifically mentioned you havent been very interested in modern gaming after late 90s anymore, and yet they are mentioning modern games.

With this comment only it is bit difficult to suggest you games, but Im going to give a try for couple.
True, though to be fair it was a tough challenge... I'm not into modern consoles. Now sell me this modern console.

I'll give it a go anyway and take everyone's suggestions onboard keeping an open mind.

I do really struggle with 3D games. If a game looks like a movie I think I'd rather watch a movie and get the benefit of a decent script, professional actors and a conclusion that arrives in two hours rather than two months (assuming I'm not useless at it!).

Coincidentally [ Show youtube player ] popped up in my YouTube feed. I can't believe you have to buy a proprietary HDMI cable for drug money if you want the best picture quality. That's crazy. This guy does a whole series on the GC. Really interesting channel.
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