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Been using it with Win10x64 for months, along with Amiga Forever, and now with the 10240 build (latest)--no problems at all. Win10 is the most backwards-compatible version of Windows Microsoft has released to date, thus far--I find it more compatible than Win7 by far..! 8/.1 was more back-compat than Win7, too, but sometimes in 8./1 I had to run a program under a DEP exception before it would run--same programs run in Win10 without having to set that up. Nice...!

It'd be nice if Gog could work a deal with Cloanto & Tony for UAE that would allow them to setup and sell Amiga classics via GOG just as GOG sells so many DOSbox titles. But I guess it would boil down to obtaining the IP for the games themselves...? I would think Cloanto & Tony would be amenable...

Everyone who can should certainly take advantage of the free upgrade offer for Win10 that will run from July 29 '15 to 7/29/'16...! I think that at least 90% of the people computing today are eligible as simply owning an authorized copy of either Win7 or Win8/.1 will net you a free installation of Win10 next week. Breaks down like this:

Win7 SP1 x(86) or x64 = Win10(x86) or x64 (will match the upgrade copy)
Win8/.1 x(86) or x64 = Win10(x86) or x64 (will match the upgrade copy)
Win7 Home/Win8 Core = Win10 Home
Win7 Pro/Win8/.1 Pro = Win10 Pro
Upgrade OS is an OEM license = Win10 license will also be OEM (Tied to your upgraded hardware--change out a motherboard, say, and you'll need a new Win10 license.)
Upgrade OS is a retail license = Win10 license follows owner, not hardware (Tied to purchaser--it will survive motherboards swaps, etc.)

It's a no-brainer, really. There will be no Windows 11, or 12, or 14, etc...Win10 will be it, and introduced features will be supported for a minimum 10 years (Microsoft recently stated.)

I'd advise everyone to go the retail-license route, even it if means having to pay something to get your OEM Win10 license upgraded to a retail Win10 license. Microsoft plans to continue its normal policy of releasing a continuing stream of feature updates, additional features, bug fixes and security-hole patching on a regular basis, just as the company has always done through Windows update. Difference is cosmetic, though: they won't be called "service packs" even though they will be "service packs" in all but name... Concrete difference is that Microsoft is pledging to continue such free services for the life of your supported product--which means as long as Windows supports your hardware, which in the case of a PC is pretty much forever... That's why you want the retail license...! If you have an OEM license then *that machine* is supported only as long as it lasts-- a new machine will require a new Win10 license. The OEM license is the one that "you can't take with you"...

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