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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
The point was, even if someone would build a great new "amiga-esque" computer, who would it be for? And how would you get ppl that dont really need anything better than they already have to use it... Times have changed.. its hard to make an impact these days.. unlike 1985...
Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
mistake number one when people talk about what some imaginary "new" amiga should be like, to imagine that it will be something amazingly powerful, when the Amiga was never really that, but it was the combination of a sort-of console-like approach applied to a home computer with a multitasking OS... something half-way between the two that gave us the advantages of both.
Yes! Again, rose-tinted glasses in full spec. And that was an approach that back then worked and was probably unique (*cough cough* X68000 *cough*), but has no place in today's world. Arcade games don't exist anymore. Consoles are basically very alike home computers regarding tech and games, actually, computers many times surpass the consoles. As said before, things have changed!!

The fact is people should let the Amiga die and stop trying to zombify it back into this era and hoping it will be a mindblowing experience. Computing has just changed so much. Not even us, who grew up with these machines, have the same notion of computing, so there is possible no probable way to surprise any of us in the level the Amigas, Ataris or C64s of their time did.
Also remember: we were very young and easy to wow and awe, too. As you age, you become a grumpy old naysayer
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