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Originally Posted by ShK View Post
Actually I have that Scart to HDMI adapter too. I made you a sample video by it with PC capture card. Download video to see in full quality.
Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to record this !
I can see the things that the user "demolition" is talking about. But still I think it is pretty good picture actually, they did a good job. I noticed that I looked at the wrong review/box at the retrogaming review site, the box you all are talking about did get a rather good review with the price tag in mind.

When I designed AMIV I just wanted to do something by my self, basically I was bored. I did not even know these Chinese boxes existed until now

I think AMIV has a different design and approach, it is not doing any magic stuff. It just plainly takes the pixels from Amiga and puts them on the screen, no lag, no interlacing(assuming non-interlaced input), no shadows, artifacts, de-interlacing etc. Using the new board the user can connect it to a computer and even fiddle around with individual registers in the converter chain. User can even change the Verilog code for the FPGA and flash it if they would like

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