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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Never was a Mac fan, but Steve Jobs was probably the last guy on Earth who ran business that way.
Look at the retina screen in iPhone4. Was that an off the shelf component?
Jobs didnt say, yea get me whatever screen thats available.. No, he thought that all screens you could buy were crap and wanted something that would compare to paper print... so he sent the specs and asked "I want a 300dpi screen... Can you produce this screen for me? if you can Ill buy 10 million of them". That kind of stuff is driving the mainstream market forward.
Yeah, won't work for a new Amiga though, think about it...

"Can you produce this screen for me? if you can Ill buy 10 of them"

Originally Posted by Jope View Post
68000, the design of the Amiga began in 1983 and The A1000 was available in 1985...
I agree, not available on day 1, but let's not stretch the dates needlessly.
ok i know there were higher spec Amigas, i was comparing the most popular models, but i hope you get my point.

mistake number one when people talk about what some imaginary "new" amiga should be like, to imagine that it will be something amazingly powerful, when the Amiga was never really that, but it was the combination of a sort-of console-like approach applied to a home computer with a multitasking OS... something half-way between the two that gave us the advantages of both.

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