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mr_A500 on here wrote this a few years ago which sums up my feeling. I don't think we'll ever capture that essence the Amiga (amongst other machines from back then) gave us. It was the golden age of computing.

Originally Posted by mr_a500
"Amiga is the link between the mysterious originality of early computers and the boring tedium and painful stupidity of modern shit computers."

Meaning: Early computers were mysterious, interesting, original and most of all FUN. They were for intelligent hobbyists to use their intellect to make or do something interesting. Amiga was the ultimate pinnacle and sadly the last of the era of mysterious, interesting, original, fun early hobby computers.

The death of Amiga (or a few years before - the "dying of Amiga") marks the beginning of the era of boring "computing for the masses". The very nature of "computing for the masses" means it is no longer for intelligent hobbyists, but for every brain-dead moron and senile grandmother who needs to be shown repeatedly how to double-click. These masses of morons then decided with their ill-informed and stupid purchases, the garbage computers that would go on to be the most successful. The evil corporations making these garbage computers subsequently (and illegally) crushed all competition.

Computers now are about as interesting as a donkey's anus and about as fun as reading a Japanese phonebook while getting smacked across the face with an electric eel.
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