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I have powerful PC's at home and at work, but I'm constantly getting irritated by a ton of things. (Windows + heavy duty Autodesk software is an endless source of frustratrion for me.. ) And every time I run into some crap that simply "shouldnt be" I dream of a new and improved computer design that is made in a certain way because I want it to behave in a certain way, NOT because that's what I get by using off the shelf components.
Now imagine the same experience on a 40 dollars device that run something as close as it can be to OS3.1....

At least you didn't waste 1K to get such experience I won't bet anytime on someone reviving the Amiga and replacing Windows; but there is a whole area where neither tablets, laptop or desktop computer are able to cover, and that's where the Amiga-like product would sit.

Better than a Pi, that's with the same price tag.

even if someone would build a great new "amiga-esque" computer, who would it be for? And how would you get ppl that dont really need anything better than they already have to use it... Times have changed.. its hard to make an impact these days.. unlike 1985...
As mentioned before, there is a whole area open for that: low cost low power computing is a big thing nowadays.
People buy SOAC boards; people put in libraries and other public places, cheap cards that run washed down linux distro; which is more than enough...they are the equivalent of our telnet terminal in the 70s and 80s,

30 years ago, not everyone had the latest and most expensive was exactly like today. Some can afford and buy the great powerhose for 4K, others buy the cheap netbook for 199.
Keep in mind all the makers that are doing amazing stuff with cheap micro-controllers; and you have a great area where Amiga-like devices could potentially set in.
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