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Of course, and he's not dead, he just went home.
I hope he will stop by one of these days; to show people how you develop a rock solid system

Why? There is just no demand for it.
If you mean that people do not want a new Amiga, yes, I agree; but if you look at the explosion in the last few years, of single board micro computer, micro-controllers and such; you will see a very interesting fact: people wants low power devices for the greatest variety of scope.

IF there was an "Amiga" SOAC, which would include in a single IC the great designt that made famous this machine; with a decent amount of memory (32 Mb? 64?), and some storage, people would buy it! Even more, if you think about an OS that can run from 880kb floppy (plus 512 Kb ROM, yes), that support multi tasking and such, beats hands down the beefy linux embedded distro, for tasks that require not exceptional power.

The Pi will struggle because we're used to things like hardware acceleration of desktop graphics etc......
This was related to my comment about programmers getting sloppy nowadays; optimization is useless, because why squeeze few kb when you can write horrible code and tell the users "go get an extra GB or 2 of memory!" Then when they have to deal with fixed architecture that can't be expanded, the limits of nowadays "geniuses", emerge in its glory. I agree with your points, and sadly can't disagree with the one where you mention that there is no time to learn how to use a technology, because it gets obsolete in less than a year.
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