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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
You found real DB23 connectors?

not quite on the 23 pin connectors, this is what i done I used a 25 pin connector and a dremel was used to cut the surround and i used a real female 23 pin connector to reshape the surround to size and then used solder to secure it

here is a picture of the innards of the Final External floppy emulator (with HXC FW installed)

It has the programming header, 4 pin header (with the 2 pullup resistors) for the 16x2 LCD display, jumper for LED display brightness and audio disable jumper

here is a picture of the 16 x 2 LCD display attached. The smaller LED display is disabled. The buttons on the adapter control up/down selection still. The LCD display just needs the 4 pin cable connected to function

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