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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I think you could contact guys behind the new Amiga 1200 cases campaign and work out come collaboration, at least in marketing level. Your mobo should fit into their case and vice versa, this could be mentioned on both sides and you both would be profiting from this fact. New motherboard in a new case, together with possible future new keyboard is very promising in my point of view, Jens.
I pledged for a case yesterday (being Amigas 30th birhtday and all, but I think he rushed it a bit with only 30 days long campaign. IMO he should have given it 3 months..I mean, we've "waited" for 22 years, what's 2 more months... ;-) ). Anyhoo, seems he'll just try again with a long one if this one fails.
With a longer campaing, I agree, it would be nice to have some official support from IdividualComp and some other "players" out there.
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