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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Man I actually love the soft mushy feel of A1200, A600, C128 and C64C keyboards C64C is actually a bit hard for my taste and all! I like the loose feel of the others.
Everybody is different: Fast typers prefer a tactile feel, because you can lift your finger from the key sooner than if you need to push it all the way down. If you need to make sure that each keystroke is "all the way down", it's not as effective as with tactile switches.

I'm using an old KeyTronic keyboard (predecessor of "DasKeyboard") as my main keyboard. Really helps the "muscle memory" - I can focus on thinking of what I want to write instead of the typing process. I don't have that on an Amiga keyboard, and certainly not on a C64 with that looooong way from push-start to the computer recognizing that the key is pressed.

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