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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Some A500s even had Cherry keyboards (unfortunately linear springs as well), but later on, Commodore switched to Mitsumi in order to save some money.
Really? I've only seen A2000 keyboards with Cherry switches. The ones with the gaps around the space bar. I'd love to see pics of the A500 version.

The A500s that have come across my table have been NMB Hi-Tek "space invaders" (my favourite), Samsung (mushy and cheap) and Mitsumi (the vast majority)

A1200 keyboards are linear-spring only, no tactile feel, so there's lots of room for improvement.
I've been gutting Mitsumi PC keyboards for the rubber springs to get that big box feeling to my A1200 and A600. :-) The A500s in use have NMB keyboards, but unfortunately those don't fit in an A1200 case without cutting plastic.

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