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The problem is that when you got an Amiga, computing was new and it was kind of a fantastic thing that you now see with rose tinted glasses.
Home computing nowadays is taken for granted, with a computer or computer-like device in every household, usually, MORE than one, even in your pocket.

The other problem is that coding optimally is pretty much a lost art, with people producing software computers can't cope with, waiting for technology to catch up eventually, thus pushing an endless cycle of pointless, minimal upgrades to one's computer. Could they make major operating systems run on smaller hardware? Maybe, but nobody will do it.

Your Raspberry Pi can do all the things you want it to, the thing is someone has to do it. Why not try yourself? Here's another difference with back then. It was then more common for people sit down and learn to code to get the machine to do what they wanted instead of waiting for someone miraculously dropping onto their laps their wished application, OS or game.
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