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Problem with all these answers is that you specifically mentioned you havent been very interested in modern gaming after late 90s anymore, and yet they are mentioning modern games.

With this comment only it is bit difficult to suggest you games, but Im going to give a try for couple.

My own stroy is that I woudlnt so much describe as having lost my interest to modern games, but rather i dropped from the wagon and never really got back. I havent played any modern 3D RPG game, While i basically like FPS shooters, I really havent played others than Battlefield 1942 and Castle Wolfenstein plus that free multiplayer Wolfenstein game they made afterwards which name i cant recall right now.

However, I do have WII U and Gamecube both, and I have played some modern games on them. I also have noticed this Watchdogs game: [ Show youtube player ] And I am planning to buy it at some point and play it.

So saying I am not interested in modern games isnt quite right, but I do find it very hard to be interested enough to go through all the FPS games to find the one that I would like, for I am sure there is such FPS game that would be exactly what I would like, for the before mentioned have some annoying things in multiplayer mode that I very much dislike. Like that if i have machine gun, get behind three enemies, Instead of shooting them, i better go away, for there is no chance to shoot them all down since it takes multiple shots to kill them.

Anyway, this in mind, I am throwing here some games:
Retro kind:

Bust-a-Move_3000 - I havent played this one, but I have played other BUst-A-Moves. This is game where they took inspiration to Amiga game "Bubble Heroes"

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - while reviewers have given this low points, and i do understand why, I did like it. I felt it was worthy sequel to Gauntlets, but it does require that you do like those Gauntlet games since it is more of the same basically. I also felt this had quite good arcade machine feeling to it many times during the game. You can check video from here to get the idea and difference to old Gauntlets: [ Show youtube player ] (jump to about 4 minutes part)

Ikaruga - a basically 2D shoot em up: [ Show youtube player ]

Those were old kind of games, then couple of modern ones you might, or might not like.

Odama - Its a mix of pinball and some sort of real time strategy (not RTS in dune II sense): [ Show youtube player ]

Then there if you dont absolutely hate all kinds of Nintendo, then Paper Mario - A thousand year door is Super mario take on RPGs, and I personally enjoy everytime they make new release to Paper Mario, for they are RPGs but they are slightly different RPGs and so much fun. Like when you do some special attack, you need to do some Action kind of things, for example time pushing the button at right timing or repeatedly push buttons etc. for maximum effect.

Pikmin - was pretty interesting and although 3D still very 2D kind of some sort of mis of puzzle and strategy.

And if you have more people to play with (although it is entertaining enough for one two games against computers only as well) then I would also suggest checking Mario Party 7.

It is game where you compete against other players (or computer controlled characters) in minigames. And then there is this possibility of having this board game mode where each player moves on board based upon dice and then there comes minigames when you land on places, but that is not all. There are all kinds of things on that board, like you can set up traps and stuff to other players and it is also not necessarily just a straightfroward move from number 1 to 50 board, but might have multiple different roads to take and targets to aim at.

Luigis Mansion was also very much fun game, and it is short enough that you can play it through in evening or two.
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