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Resident evil 4 is a contender for best game ever. Retro gamer or not, it should be tried. It is 100% pure gaming magic, start to finish.
Also worth picking up on gc if you're into games with a retro feel (but not style) is star wars rogue leader. Its not perfect but a fun and challenging 3d space shooter with short pick up and play levels.
Medroid prime 1 is a good 3d implementation of super metroid. Platforming/exploration. Very highly regarded. Probably not your thing.
Zelda 4 swords is a fun 2d zelda action game. Worth a look.
Virwtiful joe as already said is a 2d beatemup, i didnt like it but it was highly regarded at the time.
Chibi robo is a pretty heavy japanese modern exploration advanture game. Demands a lot of time and attention to play. Cannot recommend this one.
Cant think of anything else!
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