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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Does ACA cards require Amiga OS to work?

Say I was to use a future ACA123x with "locked away" features, would I be able to boot into Linux or NetBSD and have access to all resources? I have been tempted to replace my Blizzard 1230III with ACA1233 (glorious 128MB) of RAM, but since machine runs Linux most of the time, I have been very hesitant.
A part of the ACA1221 EEPROM is used to create an autoconfig, and we're trying to make a library available that handles setting CPU speed.

For the ACA1233, all features are available right from the start, but the ACA1221 will always start with 17,03MHz. That's a safety precaution, so a processor that isn't overclocking-stable will not keep you from using it from a cold-start and enter the refund code.

It's not a secret how to set a different CPU speed. We may either make that part of ACAcontrol open-source, or you'll implement a simple tool under Linux that does the job.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
so what's this about an "unprotect jumper"? seems pretty pointless if you have to have it set the whole time anyway. so i'd assumed the software would flash something and changes would be permanent.
Brett already has it right:

Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
I suspect that jumper only needs to be set when applying the license key, and then it would be put back, like the read/write tab on a diskette, but for some flash RAM space that is set aside for this purpose.
Correct - the unprotect-jumper only needs to be set if a license is added or removed. Licenses are written into non-volatile memory and are still available if you remove the jumper and start up "cold".

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