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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
The A1200 (and also A500) is very wide, you will be hard pressed to find an existing desktop case that it would fit in.

Time to break out the metal working tools? :-)
Indeed I was looking at HTPC case, the ones used for multimedia living room pc, but they are usually too small, although some would fit with some love (read hacksaw).

The biggest issue thou is the placement of the floppy and CD drive; since most of the case that I was looking at, has space for both, and pre-cut on the case. I did an attempt at cutting a door for a floppy on my tower, and I can tell you for sure that I won't win any award for my manual skills/modding capabilities So I am aiming at something that needs the lesser work possible. I want something similar to an A1000 case; but it seems that the form factor just disappeared from this see a lot of cubes and mini pc; which sadly won't fit the bill.

I am surprised that none of the skilled member of the community, planned to make a case for the Amiga I saw so many talented people in the various forums, that I believe that with combined efforts, a bit of CAD and a 3d printer; it would be possible to make a decent case for the beloved Amiga
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