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Old Mame stuff

Are there any old versions of Mame out there?

The reason why I ask is that I have a (comparitively by modern standards) under powered 'miga (A1200 68020 28MHz) and would like to play REALLY old arcade games on it! We're talking serious retro - Galaxians, Defender, Tempest, Space Invaders etc. All the newer builds are for 68060 and ppc and will contain loads of much more recent titles which will be more processor heavy. I want the basics - nothing after 1984!

I've used mame on a PocketPC - and I know my amiga can emulate NES and ZXSpectrum better than this machine (I mention only as a comparision of processing power), yet there is a version of mame for it which can play these dead old games on.

Any ideas - or am I just dreaming...
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