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Beta 4:

- RTG<>chipset mode switching didn't check if modes have different filter type (forgot to add when RTG filter support was implemented)
- 68020/030 prefetch pipeline b3 missing addressing mode implemented. Other adjustments: single word unconditional branch-like instruction (for example RTS) stop prefetches immediately but conditional single opcode always prefetch one extra word before stopping. Bcc.S (when not branching) and DBcc probably aren't exactly right yet.
- A2090 ST-506 support implemented.
- Note about existing configurations that use A590 XT support: drive type (SCSI ID/XT) must be reset.
- GUI default windowed mode window size (when it runs for the first time and size information is not yet stored in registry/ini) is now adjusted for high DPI screen. (Windows 8.1+ only). Previously default size was far too small on high DPI displays.
- Added "I am Windows 10 compatible" manifest entry, winuaebootlog.txt now shows correct Windows 10 version information.
- Cleaned up pfield_do_linetoscr() mess.
- Added support for AGA subpixel bitplane delays (lores pixel can horizontally scroll 4 shres or 2 hires pixels or hires pixel 2 shres pixels). Limit: only works if both odd and even planes have same subpixel scroll value (which probably is true practically in all situations)
- b1 sprite right border corner case broke SSCAN2 sprite horizontal duplication.
- x86 bridgeboard emulation! A1060 Sidecar, A2088 and A2088T currently implemented.

x86 bridgeboard information:
- Currently uses fake86 CPU core + PC support chip emulation. Selected because it was very easy to integrate. Possible future A2286+ emulation needs different CPU core.
- All jumpers emulated. (Required redesign of expansion GUI extra config)
- Amiga floppy drive DF2: and DF3: can be re-configured as bridgeboard PC drives A: and B:.
- Only 360k and 720k standard dos disk images supported.
- A2088T 360k/720k compatible drive supported. Floppy switch not implemented.
- A1060 and A2088 apparently only have 360k drive and BIOS support.
- BIOS ROM required. Searching for "A2088 BIOS" or similar should work... No BIOS ROMs
added to rom scanner.
- Not much real testing done. Boots from dos boot floppy, drive formatting and reading/writing works.
- x86 CPU speed is currently very randomly chosen speed.
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