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OK, I understand nobody want to release their source code to GPL/BSD/zLib/MIT licenses, etc. Yes, really I understand. But when I look for sample source code or tutorials on Aminet or even the entire Internet, for people like me which would like to learn AmigaOS programming I found nothing (I am not speaking about AMOS, Blitz, OBERON or AmigaE, etc...). I could only find the ACM and some bits and pieces from James Jacobs (thanks, really!). So, AmigaOS programmers dont want to release their source code, even when they have retired the AmigaOS programming scene, and also nobody want to teach anyone how to program in AmigaOS, even giving simple examples is cumbersome for them.

I think this is the thing wXR is referring to and fighting with us, many programmers retired the scene, they abandoned AmigaOS and their own software, the programs they did are nearly lost forever, because their source code are almost unusable in Windows, MacOS or Linux, that is, outside of AmigaOS these programs will become another product, another program and another market (and if the name of the package or something is the same it doesnt matter, its another market, its a "parallel world"). The remaining programmers love their hard work, and so dont want to give their source code for competitors or they want to have the full merit for their work. This would be all right, that is, if everyone helped the scene to grow by helping other people to learn AmigaOS C and ASM programming, and this way to release their own software.

But the reality, is that the AmigaOS scene dont think like the Linux or the Windows scene, because the AmigaOS scene want to grow itself, to be bigger and powerful like Microsoft Windows, but in the same way, we dont want *internal* competition, we dont want to share our knowledge with everyone, we want success, merit, fortune, but we want to difficult the same progress for others too...

The point of this very thread is not about cheap software, or free (like its spoken in english); its the opposite, its really about the back of the Amiga market, with new software, new competition, and new money (or seen in another way, its like about society and freedom, and not about a free lunch).

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