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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
In AKReal I've got an script for the WBStartup. It has these two commands:

SYS:Utilities/EXPANSION/MMULib/MuTools/MuLockLib >NIL:
SYS:Utilities/EXPANSION/MMULib/MuTools/MuSetCacheMode Address=$b8f000 SIZE=4000 WRITETHROUGH VALID NOCACHE >NIL:
They make a "hole" through MMU and your card is recognized.
Yes, thanks. mfilos helped me with that a while back in this thread.

However, this happens when you comment out (disable) both those lines, by just using the 'setpatch' binary MMU lib provides (actually MMU lib patches your current c:setpatch during initial install and saves the old one in another directory). In other words, the problem with 'acatune -status' in this case comes after you try to uninstall MMU lib, it might not be so obvious you have to replace c:setpatch with an older version. I suspect the setpatch binary is modified to load MMU lib somehow, but haven't verified that specifically.

In any case, 'acatune -status' should fail with error in those situations, rather than showing some bogus card info.

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