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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
So yes, the lower price opens up a whole new group of customers (where only one in this thread has had enough courage to say that he's a customer due to his financial situation - all others prefer to pretend that they can afford anything).
I don't want to pretend I can afford anything, actually I can't (and would appreciate it if your passive aggressive tone would be turned off since I am not attacking you), but I know that this kind of peripheral costs a lot of money to research and produce and I don't expect them to be cheap. I saved for a long time to get an ACA620 and that was a cheap one!!! I appreciate the work put into them and don't want to have the cake and eat it. ~100 quid for an ACA device sounds good to me.

I still don't see how people that have never bought an accelerator or Fast RAM upgrade would go for this. WHDLoad installs are problematic many times and they are not available for every game and demo created. You also need a hard drive/CF solution with a system, all properly installed.
A "casual retrogamer" trying to use their Amiga would be better sorted with a Gotek device than with this. I pretty much GAVE UP on trying to use WHDLoad because I always run into trouble every now and then and now use my CD32 for gaming. I don't even use my A1200 anymore, my A600 with ACA620 works great for everything I need.
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