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I do not really like this kind of business model but even if customers unlock the main features, it is still a NEW budget accelarator/ram which is cool (for me maprom and fastest CPU speed). I do not know what can we do with more than 9 mb using a 020, I never used more than 12mb with my blizzard 1230 using OS 3.1.

But IMHO maprom should be free.

I will definitely buy one, not because of the price or the business model but only because this board is very small and it will be perfect with ACA500 on my A1000. My blizzard is too tall and it is quite dangerous to use it as it is too closed to the joystic/mouse ports.

I hope that a day we will see ACA1000 with 2mb chipram mod (or ACA500+ with an addon on for the A1000) An ACACD32 would be awesome too ! (Yes I know, cost of expansion port...)
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