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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Before changes to the licensing can be made, the "unprotect" jumper must be set. While a license code is being checked for validity, the whole computer freezes (mouse pointer does not move) for a few seconds. You only get this far if the "unlock" jumper is set, so you're safe when the jumper is open.
I hope you are relying on something better than 'acatune' as an unlock delivery system, because v1.7 has been pretty buggy so far.

For example (first line in s:startup-sequence):

C:ACATune -maprom * -cache on -burst on
The command above works for my ACA-1232.

C:ACATune -maprom * -cache on -burst on -vbrmove
The command above fails for me.

C:ACATune -maprom *
C:ACATune -cache on -burst on -vbrmove
After hours of head scratching I finally found a workaround which works by splitting it into two commands as seen above.

Also, if you use the 'setpatch' binary from MMU lib without actually loading MMU lib at boot, then 'acatune -status' fail to recognize the card properly, giving a completely different ACA model number running at different MHz.

If these type of problems gets mixed in with the critical part of unlocking a licensed feature, then say hello to support meltdown and alienating your fans (aka customers).

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