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a little story...

once upon a time there was a niche hobbyist market, and one day in a particular forum for this hobby, Bob announced the creation of a new 64Mb widget. Exactly 50 people expressed interest in such a product. So Bob got out his calculator and worked out that at this volume, he could sell these widgets for €100 each (with a little profit for himself).

"Great!" said these 50 people, "this is exactly how much i would pay for a 64Mb widget!"

But another group of exactly 50 people also piped up, saying "nice though it would be to have a 64Mb widget, we don't really want to spend that much, and we only really need 8Mb."

So Bob gets his calculator out again, but, alas, a run of 50 8Mb cards would cost €95 a piece, which really wouldn't be worth doing. Then a smile crosses Bob's lips as an idea occurs to him.

"Yes!" he declares, "i can also produce an 8Mb widget for €50 each!"

And everyone is ecstatically happy, because €50 is exactly how much this second group of people is willing to pay.

But how is it possible? Well, Bob realised that if he were to sell 100 of the 64Mb widgets, they would come to €75 a piece. So he can sell 50 of them for €100 and another 50 of them for €50 and still make the same amount of profit per unit, and everybody gets what they want at a price they considered fair. All he has to do is limit half of the widgets to 8Mb in their firmware, which is easy to do and costs nothing.

Then one day, a certain person appears on the forum and says "hey a while ago i bought an 8Mb widget, but i've changed my mind and i'd actually quite like 64Mb afterall."

So Bob replies, "well, if you will just pay me the €50 difference, all i have to do is say the magic word, and your 8Mb widget will become a 64Mb widget, the same as the others!"

But instead of being pleased that they can still have everything they want for what everyone agreed was a fair price, the people were outraged, and Bob wakes up the next morning with a mob outside his window, throwing stones at his house and chanting "we already got 64Mb! We won't pay just to use it!"

A solitary tear trickles down Bob's cheek as his faith in humanity and civilisation is wiped out in an instant. He burns all his possessions and runs off to live in the woods, subsisting on roots and berries. Now and then he entertains a fond memory of the old days, when he used to produce low-volume electronics devices for his peers, but the squirrels and crows are his friends now, and they never complain when he finds a way to give them everything they want. Eventually the entire world evaporates as the sun enters its red giant stage.

And the moral of the story is, never be open and honest about your business model.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It's by far the smallest card I've ever made for the A1200, and it will surely fit the Amiga Reloaded in an A600 case.

btw if Apollo cards really are that terrible, surely you can improve on the design? i know that 68060s are hard to come by, but i, for one, already own a dead Apollo 1260 and i would be more than happy to donate the CPU to a new card. i am sure there are others out there who would pay for a socketed board and provide their own CPU. just a suggestion.
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