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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
But since we're on the subject of cars, I can think of a much better example that happens all the time in the automotive world. For example, the venerable 1.8 litre turbo engine used by Volkswagen in millions of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars. Its power output ranges from ~150BHP to close to 300BHP, even though the entire engine is physically the same. What's the difference? Firmware that affects timing, fuel management, throttle control, turbo use and so on. That's all. My car has that engine and puts out 225BHP. Does that mean my car is crippled? Of course not. Should I bitch and moan to Seat that they sold me a crippled car? They'd laugh me out of the garage. And I bet all those millions of people who bought the Mk 4 Golf GTI are pretty peeved now that they suddenly realise they bought a crippled car that only puts out 180BHP, even though the hardware is designed to do 300. I can see them all now, banging on the doors of the VW showrooms, demanding that their cars be uncrippled.
Sure, but they're configured that way to offer economy/reliability over a longer period of time along with decent performance/reasonable insurance costs.

300bhp with increased wear/tear to the engine and insurance costs. No thanks!
Nice engine though

64MB of ram for an Amiga is still daft and over the top for most users unless you're using it for a high-end workbench setup and/or productivity use.
Maybe if Jens just offered the card with 32MB RAM and ditch the 'crippled' hardware option then everyone would be happy?
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