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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
I don't like those unlock features because software can permanently change how hardware works. What if something goes wrong?
Before changes to the licensing can be made, the "unprotect" jumper must be set. While a license code is being checked for validity, the whole computer freezes (mouse pointer does not move) for a few seconds. You only get this far if the "unlock" jumper is set, so you're safe when the jumper is open.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
This is the assumption I don't agree with. The lower price doesn't necessarily mean more people will buy it, since the "bare bones" model is so basic.
The basic model is so basic because it does not compete with any accelerator. It competes with memory-only expansions, which are still sold in considerable quantity. So yes, the lower price opens up a whole new group of customers (where only one in this thread has had enough courage to say that he's a customer due to his financial situation - all others prefer to pretend that they can afford anything).

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
and ...nothing of jens's has ever sold for more money?
and less people bought the units for more per unit?
i dont think so...
You're looking the wrong way: Past sales are good, as they have brought me this far. Future sales are what I need to keep paying my bills and my employees. What I have successfully done with the ACA500 is to bring back people into our nice hobby, as it was a very affordable card. The ACA1221 has the same purpose: Attract new customers who wouldn't normally look at new hardware, because to date, it has been too expensive.

Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
As I see it, you get ten attempts to unlock its features,
Not correct. You can set the "trial" jumper ten times and start the computer ten times with all features enabled. For adding a license, you have unlimited attempts, so a typo won't cause any harm.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
But this card is also quite low-profile too so i wonder if you could use it with the Reloaded board and fit it in an A600 case.
It's by far the smallest card I've ever made for the A1200, and it will surely fit the Amiga Reloaded in an A600 case.

Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
what i'm genuinely curious about, is why bother adding a 68020 at 28mhz,instead of an faster better processor.

is there really that much different in processor costs for things this old? i would have guessed that these days adding a 68030 at 50mhz (again,assuming max over clock) would
have been just as cost effective.
Motorola processors are still available new, but for ridiculous prices of over 200 dollars each. That's because these CPUs have been used in Aviation (Boeing used them), and they need to be available up to 20 years after the last plane has been built using these processors. So what I'm stuck with (if I want to make affordable hardware) is chips from the "used" market, where lots of fakes are around, and prices aren't always good. It's an "eat or die" market with no real choice. For the ACA1221, I was lucky enough to buy a box of MC68020-16 processors by the kilogram.

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
i would rather buy something second hand and wave goodbye to a warranty that i care nothing about to avoid this sort of thing.
Warranty and "buy used" can go together. I don't make a difference between first-hand and second-hand customers. What I care about is "how old is the product" and "has it been tampered with". This has been good advertising for my products, and many customers decided to buy new products after they experienced good support for a used item that has the iComp brand.

Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Will the dealers be able to configure the product before shipping? I'd rather pay the dealer to fiddle with the codes than do it myself.
There's nothing that will stop the dealers from buying license codes, but since these codes are no reseller items, it will cost them the same as the end-customer. You will most likely pay more, as the reseller will presumably do extensive tests that must be paid for.

Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Will the card require timing fixes? The requirement for timing fixes makes your previous products expensive and inconvenient. I'd rather have slightly decreased performance than have to ship my motherboard off at great expense for timing fixes. Maybe there could be a jumper or software switch to make it go slow and not require timing fixes?
You probably refer to capacitors E123C and E125C - according to Commodore documentation (see Budgie documentation), these should have never been installed. Installing them means creating a broken system timing that also harms S-Hires display. I will NOT encourage keeping a system like that.


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