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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
How about selling a full version of ACA-1221 which doesn't require any license handling at all at the highest price, just flash it without license code during production, and in parallel you sell the low price version with license handling.

I think the online retailers can deal with two versions of ACA-1221 in their systems, and both sides of this argument gets what they want.
This would be my preference too ....

I really dont like the idea of having to pay for unlocks on HW i already own ... just a really cynical business model imo even tho I understand the benefits to Jens and others who employ it.

Btw, imo if a fully loaded version is sold, should be at a "bundled price" to reward buyers for stumping up the cash all at once (eg like a car, if you just add extras to the base model, it ends up cheaper to buy the next model up that includes those features already).
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