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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
The price tag shows the price, not the value. He could price it at a billion pounds if he wished. But, obviously nobody would buy it. Or he could price it at 2p and sell it at an enormous loss. The question he has to ask himself is, what price, or prices, would sell the most units?

Why? Simply because he can charge more money for enabling all the options! Because people don't pay money just for a glass fibre sheet with some nice blocks of plastic on it, people pay money for things to be useful to them! You pay for an object's utility not its atoms. People pay money even for virtual clothes and furniture in online worlds that don't physically exist!

This is all really quite basic economics. And i really hate saying that.

no no no,i pay for whats on the card and what its supposed to do as an end user.hmm,or should i say expect as an end user.

not to do something it its capable of doing from the factory when it already has it for an extra cost to unlock later.

thats value to me.when it already does it.

like buying a colour monitor,i dont expect it to only show part of the picture or in black and white,i expect it to do what its made for.
and,i dont like if the seller says you can see the rest if you pay a little extra,and a little bit more for colour just because its the sellers choice,mine would be to say i dont want it and anything else.

im not saying the price is wrong for the card as i think its cheap,im saying the way to get the extras is,it wont work for everyone from moral point of view.thats all really.
and it definitely dont cut it with me because theres little to no choice,because i would rather buy something second hand and wave goodbye to a warranty that i care nothing about to avoid this sort of thing.
lets face it,ill be using any accelerator in a 20+ year old i wont care there.

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