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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
its value is the same as cost or price,why do you think it has a damn price tag?
The price tag shows the price, not the value. He could price it at a billion pounds if he wished. But, obviously nobody would buy it. Or he could price it at 2p and sell it at an enormous loss. The question he has to ask himself is, what price, or prices, would sell the most units?

if its on sale for £57 and its worth next to nothing hardware wise why isnt all the options enabled?
Why? Simply because he can charge more money for enabling all the options! Because people don't pay money just for a glass fibre sheet with some nice blocks of plastic on it, people pay money for things to be useful to them! You pay for an object's utility not its atoms. People pay money even for virtual clothes and furniture in online worlds that don't physically exist!

This is all really quite basic economics. And i really hate saying that.
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