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I most definitely am not a believer in buying something that is crippled from new and then have to pay extra to get it fully working.

As I see it, you get ten attempts to unlock its features, I would presume that the the eeprom would be where the features would be stored although I may be wrong. If however that is correct then what's to stop someone from dumping the eeprom or any other programmable devices from a fully working card to any other card, bypassing the need to have a licence, mind you if each card has a different serial number using this method would probably program each card with the number that was used in the original fully working card.

Most of us have done similar things with the old Xbox "TSOP" or the Gotek drives just for the fun of it so things like that are not beyond reality.

Personally, I would like this pay extra idea scrapped, its pretty bad marketing and will probably encourage people to either play around as above or wait till something better comes along!
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