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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Because then fewer people would want to buy it, which means fewer units would be sold, which means the cost per unit would be higher. Because there are up-front costs as well as per-unit costs.

Ok let's put the riddles aside and make it straightforward.

You are saying you don't want to pay £57 for something that has £57 worth of functionality because it could be worth £90 instead and you wouldn't mind paying that much for £90 worth of functionality. Even though you will actually be able to do that.
and ...nothing of jens's has ever sold for more money?
and less people bought the units for more per unit?
i dont think so...

ok,im glad the riddles are out the way,or similarities to make a point. saying if the card is for sale at X amount and jens wants X amount to enable hardware thats already there,why not enable it for X plus X?
its pretty easy concept to understand you know.
but,the fact he is happy to accept X amount at stock when its there does make me wonder a little,but there you go.his choice

in my mind adding functionality to something that already has the hardware there but is crippled in a no no for choice to buy or not.

surely if it was worth more it would have a price tag of a bit more.its easy to know...since its already there and all that.
instead of the pay a little more you get a little more...and then a little bit more.

but,like a say its an opinion and thats all.

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