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Originally Posted by MrFluffy View Post
Bad analogy. Its like buying a statue a artist has carved, but its been encased in resin for all but one part, so you know theres something inside there already and know its already been carved out but having to go buy the liquid to disolve the resin to be able to see it completely.

Better now?
Pretty sure there already exists this sort of thing in the Tate Modern... and if not, it is a brilliant idea!

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
i couldnt care less if the card was another 40 euros to enable it all,the point was why not just add the extra 40 and be done with it in the first place?instead of twiddling the thumbs together thinking about what its worth to enable it?
Because then fewer people would want to buy it, which means fewer units would be sold, which means the cost per unit would be higher. Because there are up-front costs as well as per-unit costs.

Ok let's put the riddles aside and make it straightforward.

You are saying you don't want to pay £57 for something that has £57 worth of functionality because it could be worth £90 instead and you wouldn't mind paying that much for £90 worth of functionality. Even though you will actually be able to do that.
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