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Ok thanks guys. I have been looking at demozoo which does seem to have a reasonable list of mods. It shows 27 ish releases for the Amiga for this year & as you say they all seem to come from compos at parties.

So sorry but still trying to get my head round the 'scene' as such. If demozoo is a good yardstick for the actual volume of new mod releases & Janeway Bitworld is a repository of old stuff ppl keep finding what then is The Mod Archive all about? I get it shows a much wider variety of formats but even just looking at mods alone that shows around 26 mod titles since mid May under 'New Additions'? Are these all new too or is it the same as Janeway Bitworld so old stuff rediscovered ?

Perhaps I need to move on & accept the Amiga mod scene is no longer but have always liked the idea of using the Amiga to play weekly new stuff in the hope that there is still a vibrant mod/music scene. Maybe its all streaming now - like Nectarine / SceneSat Radio & others?

PS - again - has anyone at all had any luck recently with AminetRadio or should I accept its totally buggered & move on and use WinAmp or something instead?
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